National Tube Supply’s Baytown, TX team reorganized product and restructured directing systems to reduce damage, increase efficiency, and keep safety a top priority.

National Tube Supply Baytown’s inventory consists largely of hot finish seamless (HFS), a highly machinable carbon or alloy tubing ideal for Texas’ oil & gas market. Until 2023, Baytown’s team stored HFS outside, due to its large diameter range and durability. This layout, however, meant that the team was frequently pulling HFS inside for outgoing orders.

“We want to avoid handling product more than we need to, to keep orders running smoothly and have product closer to our production,” says Mo Zakaria, Baytown Warehouse Manager, who led the reorganization project. “Previously we’d have to handle HFS two, maybe three times to get it inside.”

In addition to rehoming HFS, the team re-zoned the overhead crane, to guarantee safety for workers and product alike.

“At National Tube Supply, we’re always evaluating and updating our processes to make certain we’re being as efficient and safe as possible,” says National Tube Supply President Gary Throw, Jr. “These upgrades implemented by the Baytown team will benefit workers as well as our customers. I’m proud that our team continually prioritizes quality and safety at every turn.”

Mo Zakaria, Baytown Warehouse Manager