Our team of experts is at the ready to guide you through the process of cost analysis, planning, and purchasing a wide variety of carbon & alloy mechanical tubing and bar products. Our extensive inventory includes:

Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) is a welded tube, drawn to improve tolerances, concentricity, and strength to offer a precision product. DOM tubing can be further honed or skived for cylinder applications.

Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) is a carbon steel or alloy drawn at near-room temperature. This option is stronger and more polished looking than hot finish. Cold drawing offers a precision tube with similar strength and options for larger outside diameter and wall thicknesses than DOM.

Hot Finish Seamless (HFS) is a cost-effective option for applications that don’t require the close tolerances of a drawn product. HFS is ideal when machining is required to achieve desired tolerances, yet mechanical properties (such as yield and tensile) aren’t as important as in a Cold Drawn tube. HFS is easy to machine and available in much larger dimensions (up to 36” OD and wall up to 4”).

Chrome Bar is steel that has been plated with chrome for increased durability, which also increases the lifespan of the product. Chrome-plated bars are specifically designed to be used for piston rod applications in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Heat treatment by induction is also available to further increase hardness and brittleness.

Our Inventory

Each NTS warehouse stocks DOM and carbon steel CDS in sizes 0.375” OD (outside diameter) to 16” OD. Alloy CDS and HFS tubing are stocked at 2.5” OD to 36” OD. Honed tubing in DOM and carbon steel CDS range from .750” OD to 16” OD. Multiple ID (inside diameter) options for various wall thicknesses are available for all tubes as well, to fit your project’s size and strength specifications.

For fluid power applications, we stock chrome bar sizes starting at .5” up to 12” diameter. Bars are available in multiple levels of chrome thickness—.0005”, .001”, or .002” per side—and can be induction hardened to provide the strength you need.

Our expansive selection of sizes and options is unmatched. The experts at NTS can walk you through the multitude of alloy options, metal tolerances, and value-added services.

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