Brand Assets

Brand Assets

These guidelines describe the visual and verbal elements that represent National Tube Supply’s corporate identity. This includes our name, logo and other elements such as colors, and type. Sending a consistent and controlled message of who we are is essential to presenting a strong, unified image of our company. These guidelines reflect National Tube Supply’s brand, including the logo, name, colors and identifying elements, are valuable company assets.

Corporate Brand Overview

The logo was developed to have an industrial, rugged feel, that would resonate with NTS’ customers and convey dependability and reliability. What sets NTS apart from its competitors is available stock (inventory) and on-time delivery, which are the core values of the company. Utilizing a heavy bold italicized font helped create an easy identifier for trucks, hardhats, and product IDs, which all play an important role for visibility of the brand.

The four rings represent the products NTS sells as well as how they are stored and transported, two of the most important selling points for the client. Looking forward as the brand matures the rings will be able to be used as a standalone in some instances. Orange was chosen to stand out amongst the reds and blues of their competitors and the gray/brown represents the oxidation that occurs on steel.

Color Usage

The preferred colors for the brand signature are NTS Blue for the logotype, and NTS Orange for the brand mark. The National Tube Supply brand signature should be reproduced using Pantone colors whenever possible.

The signature should only appear in NTS Blue, NTS Orange, black, or white as demonstrated in the examples below.

NTS Blue

Pantone 3025 C

CMYK: c-100, m-65, y-37, k-21

RGB: r-0, g-77, b-113

HEX: #004D71

NTS Orange

Pantone 1655 C

CMYK: c-0, m-84, y-100, k-0

RGB: r-255, g-77, b-0

HEX: #FF4D00

Secondary Color Usage

Secondary colors support the NTS brand and vision. The importance of consistent color not only with the logo but the supporting colors cannot be emphasized enough. They provide the base for effective color communication and brand recognition.

NTS Grey

Pantone 426 C

CMYK: c60, m54, y48, k60

RGB: r59, g58, b62

HEX: #3B3A3E

Pantone 7690 C

CMYK: c93, m47, y15, k1

RGB: r0, g117, b169

HEX: #0075A9

Pantone 2915 C

CMYK: c58, m14, y0, k0

RGB: r94, g179, b228

HEX: #5EB3E4

Small Use Variations

When vertical space is limited it will be necessary to employ a “small use” version of the National Tube Supply logo to maintain legibility.


The font used in constructing the National Tube Supply brand signature is Helvetica Neue Bold. While this font is used in the brand signature there may be situations in other brand applications (website, business cards, letterhead, etc.) that another type font is preferred. Those supportive fonts are listed below.

There may be situations where the preferred type font is unavailable, in this case, the alternative fonts listed below should be implemented. These type fonts are standard on any operating system.

Any variation from these type fonts must be approved by the Marketing Department.

Brand Signature Font

Supportive Fonts

Used for all correspondence, corporate and marketing communications.

Alternative Fonts

Only used if type fonts above are not available.

As we all work with these guidelines over time to build a strong identity for National Tube Supply, questions and suggestions will inevitably arise. Please do not hesitate to contact the Marketing Department at (708)-367-4261 or